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Timelines for Student Researcher Applications

In order to process your application as quickly as possible, review of student applications includes both an informal and a formal review. The goal is to complete the formal review within 4 weeks of submission.

Informal review

The Research Ethics Board office or your departmental research coordinator may provide informal feedback during the administrative processing of your application. This feedback is designed to increase your chances of approval in the formal review.

As this feedback occurs before your application is sent to the ethics committee, the time spent on review and resubmission is not counted as part of the formal review timeline.

Formal review

For an average review with no major concerns or uncontrollable delays, the first formal review should take approximately 2 weeks to complete.

If your application requires further revision, the goal is to provide final approval within 4 weeks of your initial submission to the committee. This timeline depends on how long it takes to submit the suggested revisions.

Updated March 14 2018 by Research

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