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Athabasca University was North America’s first online university. It was a risk-taker, boldly creating opportunities for education and research that no other university dared to try. The University’s Imagine: Transforming Lives, Transforming Communities Strategic Plan and the Strategic Research Plan craft a vision for our future research endeavors. The two Plans provide direction for the integration of research and teaching across the academy and for training the next generation of researchers. The Research Centre is guided by five strategic research goals:

  • Beyond open: Reputation for open scholarship, data, and scholarly achievements
  • Beyond open: Researchers, including learners, impact their community through research
  • Beyond place: Reputation for balanced disciplinary and interdisciplinary research that optimizes social, economic, and environmental impact on communities
  • Beyond the norm: Reputation for scholarly activity, dissemination, and impact reflecting our comprehensive research university status
  • Beyond the now: Adaptable and innovative research areas of excellence that optimize social, economic and environmental impact.

The Research Centre is the hub of all research activity at Athabasca University (AU). The centre serves as a resource and provides support for basic and applied research within the university.

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What we do

We work with researchers throughout their research project lifecycle, from proposal development to finishing a project.


To facilitate and promote AU research activities, we provide assistance with:

  • publicizing prospective funding sources
  • the development of academic-industry partnerships
  • the preparation and submission of research grant applications
  • the management of grant/award funding
    • financial monitoring and accounting
    • recruitment and hiring of research-related personnel
    • set up and execution of contracts
    • submission of required financial reports to research sponsors
  • the processing of ethics review for research involving humans and animals
  • the planning and hosting of research-related events

We also provide administrative support to various committees charged with the adjudication of applications for internal research funding.

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Featured Researcher

Dr. Vive Kumar, Professor, School of Computing and Information Systems , Faculty of Science and Technology, has been awarded funds from the Athabasca University Special COVID-19 funding opportunity launched to support research that leads to a better understanding of, and to learn from, the extraordinary changes in place due to COVID-19.

The initiative entitled, Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Athabasca University's Performance: An Analysis from the Perspective of Multiple Educational Stakeholders, will lay the foundation for the development and deployment of a large-scale early warning system for educators that will flag students at risk of failing their courses, giving them additional time to provide remedial interventions to help those students.

In addition, this research will contribute to the adoption of business intelligence within Athabasca University, allowing policy makers to understand and predict the impact of educational policies or complex events such as the COVID-19 pandemic on student retention.


Research Highlights

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