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2012 Archives

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Date of Presentation Presenter Title of Presentation
20-Jan-12 Dr. Martin Connors
"Earth's Trojan Asteroid"

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17-Feb-12 Dr. Linda Chmiliar
"Self Regulation Skills and the AU Student"

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16-Mar-12 Dr. Paul Kellogg
Integrated Studies
"Social Movements and Trade Unions in an Age of Austerity: Reflections on Ontario's 1995-1998 'Days of Action'"

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06-Apr-12 Dr. Douglas P. Hube
Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics, University of Alberta
"Transits of Venus - Triumphs and Tribulations"

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20-Apr-12 Allison Kydd
Language and Literature
"Cultural Appropriation or Honouring the Experiences of Others: The Writer's Dilemma"

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18-May-12 Dr. Bob Barnetson
Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies
"Trading Workers Health for Profit in Alberta Workplaces"

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28-Sep-12 Dr. Paul Kellogg
Assistant Professor,
Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies
"Greece in the Eye of the Storm"

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04-Oct-12 Hiromi Goto
AU's 2012/13 Writer in Residence
"Problems encountered in writing novels as opposed to short stories and poetry"

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19-Oct-12 Dr. Gustavo Carrero
Assistant Professor, Math
Centre for Science
"Understanding aspects of DNA packaging with Mathematical Modelling"

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23-Nov-12 Archie Zariski,
Associate Professor, Legal Studies

Dale Dewhurst,
Assistant Professor, Legal Studies

Dr.Mohammed Ally,
Professor, Centre for Distance Education
"ELearning and Access to Justice"

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07-Dec-12 Sarah Mann "Fantasy, Feminism, and Archiving On Our Backs"

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