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Athabasca University

Dr. Qing (Ching) Tan

Associate Professor, School of Computing and Information Systems

Dr. Qing Tan is an assistant professor in School of Computing and Information Systems at Athabasca University. He joined Athabasca University in 2007 with extensive IT industrial experience. Dr. Tan is teaching and developing undergraduate and graduate courses including Mobile Computing, Enterprise Wide Networking, E-Commerce, Enterprise Modeling, and Cloud Computing. Dr. Tan’s research interests include Location-Based Technologies, Mobile Computing and Technologies, Mobile Learning, Adaptive Mobile Learning and Commerce, Wireless Sensor Networks, Computer Network and Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and Telepresence Robotics. Dr. Tan was one of the first people to introduce the location awareness of mobile devices into mobile learning applications. He has developed a research framework for his location-based mobile learning research. In the research, he has created the location-based dynamic grouping algorithm and the Mobile Virtual Campus application which groups online students within a small geographic location range, allowing them to experience the classroom students’ face-to-face collaboration. On the other hand, it also provides a platform to integrate location-based learning contents into mobile learning environment. The Mobile Virtual Campus has attracted a lot attention from both academic researchers and application users. Dr. Tan has additionally proposed a 5R adaptation framework for mobile learning system. He, along with other co-authors, published it in a paper that has received an outstanding paper award. In addition, there are several location-based mobile applications have been developed for enhancing collaborative and adaptive mobile learning. While Dr. Tan’s research studies the theoretic and academic problems, he also strives to solve the application issues. He is working on building a telepresence robot for remote labs at Athabasca University to allow online students to conduct lab work via the Internet. He also collaborates on the development of a mobile fieldtrip system to assist online students with their fieldwork. Overall, Dr. Tan’s pioneering research is greatly impacting distance education and learning. More recently, Dr. Tan has initiated the University Cloud Alliance, which involves several universities worldwide to study security problems in a Cloud Computing environment. This unique initiative will soon make Athabasca University a leader on the world stage of Cloud Computing Security Research. Since Dr. Tan joined Athabasca University, he received many research grants. As the principle investigator, he was awarded Alberta Innovates - Health Solutions MITACS-Accelerate Internship Program and IRAP, $30,000 (2012), Edmonton Chinatown Care Centre Research Grant, $1000 (2012), Alberta Innovation Grant, $6000 (2011), AU Mission Critical Research Grant, $6000 (2010), and the Mense Industry Research Grant, $25,000 (2008). In addition, he also received grants as leading or co-investigator, including Northern Research Fund (2012), Industry Canada – Knowledge Infrastructure Program, $330,000 (2010), Canadian Foundation for Innovation - $860,000 for Open Social Mobile Systems for eLearning Research (2010), and AU Mission Critical Research Grant, $5,958 (2010).

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