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Graduate Student Supervisor Instructions – Reviewing Applications

All applications for funding or ethics review are processed through the Athabasca University Research Portal. Use these instructions to review and approve student applications.

You should also read the general information for all users before you begin your review.

Reviewing a new application

  1. Log in to the Research Portal
  2. Click on “Applications: New” in the Role: Other Signing Authority section. The text will appear in red when there are new applications for you to review.
    Applications New
  3. Click the “View” button to the left of the File No.
  4. Review each of the tabs and subtabs, except the Project Sponsor Info tab in funding applications. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of each tab and subtab to make sure you see all parts of the application.
    • Any documents accompanying the application can be found in the Attachments tab.
  5. Go to the Approvals tab.
  6. Scroll down the Other Approvals list until you find your name. Click the “Approval Process” button beside it.
    Approval Process 
    • If you want to approve the application, select the “Approve” button, then type the word “Approve” in the Comments box.
    • Click the “Submit” button.
    • If revisions are required, select the “Forward” button, then type your comments in the Comments box.
    • Click the “Submit” button. The application will route to the Research Centre, then be returned to the applicant. The applicant will address the comments and resubmit the application.

Reviewing a revised application

  1. You will receive an email letting you know that the revised application is available for final review.
  2. Log in to the Research Portal
  3. Click on “Applications: Post-Review” in the Role: Other Signing Authority section.
  4. After reviewing the revised application, you will need to email your final approval to (for ethics applications) or (for funding applications).
  5. The Research Centre will upload your approval email to the Attachments tab before the application goes to the appropriate review committee.

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