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Instructions for Committee Reviewers

How to Review an Application (ethics or internal funding) in the AU Research Portal

  • MAC USERS:  The Safari browser does not allow the necessary pop-ups to complete the approval process.  Please use a different browser to avoid this error.
  • The term “Application” refers to NEW or IN PROGRESS reviews while the term “Events” refers to NEW or IN PROGRESS amendments, renewals, etc.
  • AU Research Portal times out periodically.  If the Research Portal times out during your review of an application, it is possible that some of your comments may be lost.  Please consider drafting longer text responses in a WordPad or NotePad file first and then copy/paste into the “Comments” box to complete your review.  DO NOT USE A WORD file for this activity, as there tends to be formatting issues when doing so.
    1. To review and make comments on an application ethics or internal funding), please log into the AU Research Portal using your username (complete email address) and password.
      To create or reset your password, enter your username (complete email address), then select “Reset Password”.  You will receive a system-generated email with instructions and next steps. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam filters.
    2. Once logged into the AU Research Portal, any files requiring your attention will be highlighted in red text under the heading “Role: Reviewer”.
    3. Next, click on the red text.
    4. Click “VIEW” just left of the File No.
    5. With the file now open, you will see that the file is comprised of multiple tabs.   Each of these tabs constitutes part of the application (with the exception of the “Project Sponsor Info” tab which you can ignore).  Any documents accompanying the application are accessible in the “Attachments” tab.
    6. After reviewing the application, click the “Review” button when you are ready to make comments on the application.
    7. In the “Comments” box, type your comments, save them and then click “Submit” and your comments are logged. You may go back at any time to add/amend your comments, remembering that you need to save and then click “Submit” each time you make changes.
    8. If you are the CHAIR, DO NOT select a Review Decision at this time, as this will remove the application from the view of all reviewers.  The appropriate administrator will advise you when all reviews on an application are completed and a decision can be chosen.

    For ethics applications: Contact Research Ethics Officer at
    For internal funding applications: Contact Internal Funding Administrator at

Updated April 10 2017 by Student & Academic Services

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