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Instructions for AU Staff

How to submit an application for internal research funds:

  1. Login to the AU Research Portal using your email address and password.
  2. If you do not have an account within the AU Research Port, click on “Create an Account” to get started.
    Login: Login image
  3. Once logged into the AU Research Portal, from the main page, click “APPLY NEW”
    Apply New
  4. Under the “AU RESEARCH CENTRE” section, a list of applications will appear. Select the name of the application form you wish to complete and click on the title to open it. The one circled below is an example.
    Login: Login image
  5. Once the application opens, you will notice a number of tabs across the top of the page. Each of these tabs constitutes part of the application process. With the exception of the “Project Sponsor Info” tab (all other tabs must be completed before submission of the application). *** The “PROJECT SPONSOR INFO” tab will be completed by Research Centre***
    Project Sponser
  6. In the “PROJECT INFO” tab, enter the project title, start and end dates of the research project.
  7. Related Certifications: If your application requires ethics certification, for which you have completed a Human Ethics Review application, click "Search", then select the ethics file from the list. This will link your internal funding application to your ethics application.
    Project Info
  8. Next, complete the “PROJECT TEAM INFO” Tab. The Principal Investigator (PI) section will auto-populate with your information that is “pulled” from the Research Portal Investigator Master Record (IMR).
    Project Team Info
  9. “OTHER PROJECT MEMBER INFO”, click “Add New” to add names of project team members and your supervisor. By doing so, project team members and/or your supervisor will be able to access the application, and provide approvals.
    Other Project Info
  10. When adding project team members, ALWAYS click "SEARCH PROFILES" to access the list of names that are available within the Investigator Master Record (IMR). DO NOT manually enter names of project team members, as this will cause errors within the system. If you cannot locate a researcher’s profile, contact the AU Research Portal.
    Project Team
  11. After you click “Search Profiles”, type in the last or first name of the team member/supervisor. Click “Select” to add the team member(s) and/or supervisor profile to your application.
    Login: Login image
  12. Next, click on the down arrow next to the “ROLE OF PROJECT”, to select the project team member’s role. Click SAVE.
    Login: of Project
  13. Click on, as per the example, the “Academic Research Fund” tab and begin answering the series of questions within each tab. Ensure you scroll down to the bottom of each tab to ensure you’ve seen/answered all of the questions. Click SAVE before you move to each tab.

    NOTE: The “SUPERVISOR APPROVAL” tab must be completed by your supervisor indicating that they have reviewed and approve/support your application going forward for review by the respective Committee. Once you have completed the application form, SAVE it, then notify your supervisor that he/she can login to the Research Portal to review the application, provide feedback, and/or indicate their support in this tab.

    *Professional staff members*

    If you are listed as a team member or if you are the applicant, Supervisor approval is required for all internal funding applications.
    Supervisor approval
  14. Use the “ATTACHMENTS” tab to upload documents that need to accompany your application.
    Documents available for your use: 1) Research Study Timeline and 2) Research Study Budget Form. Save the documents on your computer, enter the details, and attach when completed.
  15. The “APPROVALS” tab identifies that the application is pre-programmed to route to the signing authority levels (in all cases, directly to the Office of Research Services/Office of Research Ethics).
  16. The “LOGS” tab can be used to follow the application through the approval process. No information is needed from the applicant on this tab. Activities and milestones completed within your application will be date stamped automatically by the system and throughout the application process. You can follow the application through the approval process by checking the “Logs” tab at any time.
  17. The “ERRORS” tab will indicate fields within the application form that need to be completed before the application can be successfully submitted. The tab will disappear once all required fields have been completed at which time the application can then be submitted (after all approvals have been provided).
  18. After your supervisor has completed the “Supervisor Approval” tab, select the “EDIT” button then click “SUBMIT”.

By clicking submit, the application will automatically be forwarded to the Research Centre for further processing. You will receive an email confirming when your application has been successfully submitted.

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