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External Funding Application Checklist Instructions

To obtain department and institutional approval for an external research funding application, researchers must complete the External Funding Application Checklist which is available in the AU Research Portal.

To complete the External Funding Application checklist, login to the AU Research Portal using your email address and password and refer to the instructions below.

NOTE: To obtain an AU Research Portal account, please refer to Create an Account

Once logged in to the AU Research Portal, click “APPLY NEW”, on your Home Screen.

Apply New

A list of applications will appear. Select the name of the application form you wish to complete and click on the title to open. In this case, choose the “External Funding Application Checklist”.


Once the application opens, you will notice a number of tabs across the top of the page. You only need to complete three of them. The other tabs will be populated with information you have provided in the funding application by the Research Centre

The three tabs you must complete are:

  1. Project Info
  2. External Funding Application Checklist
  3. Attachments

These three tabs constitute the complete “checklist” and must be completed before the application can be submitted for departmental and institutional review and approval.

Project Info

Please remember to SAVE before you leave each tab.

Steps to complete the External Funding Application Checklist

Step 1 – Complete “Project Info Tab”

  • Enter the Project Title
  • Enter the projected Start and End dates

NOTE: Related Certifications section will be addressed once the funding has been secured.

SAVE and click on the “External Funding Application Checklist” Tab

Project Info

Step 2 – Complete the “External Funding Application Checklist” Tab

  • There are four sub-tabs within the “External Funding Application Checklist” Tab:
  • Compliance;
  • Financial Details;
  • Conflict of Interest;
  • Checklist.

Click on each sub-tab and address each question.

NOTE: All questions require responses. If the question is a yes/no question and the response does not require explanation, simply respond “n/a”.


SAVE and click on the “Attachments” Tab

Step 3 – Complete the “Attachments” Tab

  • Upload the funding proposal, along with supporting documents, by clicking on the “Add Attachment” button.



Step 4 – Submit the application

  • Submit your application by clicking on the top, right hand submit button.
  • A “Comments” box will appear. You must type something in this box to proceed with submission. For example, “For Review” or “For Approval” “Submission Date: 16 Dec 2014”.
  • Click submit in the Comments box to complete the submission process.
  • Your application has now been submitted to the Research Centre for processing. You will receive email confirmation that your application has been successfully submitted.



Additional Information:

If you are unable to submit the application, check the “Errors” tab. The Errors tab will list missed questions that are required for submission. The Errors tab will disappear once the questions have been addressed. The application can then be submitted for processing.

Login: Login image

The AU Research Portal enables you to follow the application through the approval process by viewing the “Logs” tab within the application file.

For assistance, please contact the AU Research Portal Admin

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