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2011 Archives

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Date of Presentation Presenter Title of Presentation
12-Jan-11 Judi Malone Challenges & Rewards of Rural Professional Practice

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26-Jan-11 Dr. Janice Thomas & Dr. Stella George Large Scale Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Projects

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23-Mar-11 Dr. Carolyn Greene
Assistant Professor, Centre for State & Legal Studies
Punishing Processes in Youth Court: Procedural Justice, Court Atmosphere and Youths’ Views of the Legitimacy of the Criminal Justice System

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18-May-11 Dr. Cindy Ives & Dr. Dianne Conrad The Shift to Learning Outcomes: Promoting Active and Authentic Learning

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21-Sept-11 Dr. Rory McGreal
Associate Vice-President, Research
Copyright, Open Educational Resources (OER) and their relevance to Athabasca University

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13-Oct-11 Dr. Wayne Mackintosh
Director OER Foundation
Director, International Centre for Open Education, Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand
Predistined to innovate: Meet Athabasca U – Canada’s first OER university

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26-Oct-11 Dr. Paul Kellogg
Assistant Professor, Centre for Integrated Studies
Orientalism, Political Economy and the China Question

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09-Nov-11 Dr. Caroline Park,Dr. Margaret Edwards & Dr. Beth Perry
Centre for Nursing and Health Studies
Persistence or Attrition: From Measurement to Strategy

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