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2010 Archives

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Date of Presentation Presenter Title of Presentation
22-Jan-10 Dr. Mark McCutcheon
Assistant Professor
Literary Studies
Frankenstein as a Figure of Globalization in Canadian Cinema

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26-Feb-10 Dr. Karen Wall
Assistant Professor, CMNS
Centre for State & Legal Studies
Capitalizing the Beauties: Cultural Institutions, Tourism and Art in Alberta

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16-Apr-10 Dr. Andrew Chiarella
Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology, Centre for Psychology
Social Annotation: Collectives, Social Software & Self-Organising Systems

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18-Jun-10 Dr. Bob Barnetson
Assistant Professor, Labour Relations, Centre for Work and Community Studies
Child Labour in Alberta: Incidence and Regulation

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8-Oct-10 Dr. Jay Smith
Professor, Political Science, Centre for State and Legal Studies
Is Canada the Monkey or the Organ Grinder When It Comes to Proposed Copyright Legislation?

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19-Nov-10 Dr. Vina Tirven-Gadum
Associate Professor, French, Centre for Language & Literature
All for One-One for All" — Will the Real Musketeer "Alexandre Dumas" Please Stand Up

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